NEARCO LTW offers a complete, modular and progressive service tailored to customer needs. The entire organizational structure is ready to serve the client from planning resources, to warehouse spaces, to the fleet of vehicles and back office.

Our goal is to build a partnership which lasts in time with our customers and develop the know-how on its processes to offer tailored services.
We are carriers but also logistics planners, we receive orders and design ad hoc solutions and do not depend on our customers to provide us with the solution to fulfill orders.

Each customer is reserved a communication channel and an individual contact person.

  • Competitive prices
  • Goods tracking
  • Telephone assistance

Quality and Efficiency

NEARCO LTW focuses on ensuring quality standards to meet customer needs, while maintaining a high rate of efficiency, reducing the impact on costs by offering its customers competitive prices.

Goods that transit through our warehouses and travel on our vehicles are traced thanks to advanced technological tools.

The fleet of vehicles is remotely controlled by satellite systems and black boxes to identify any wrong-way driving.

Our management software developed according to business needs provides and guarantees reliable and real-time information that can be returned to our customers via email or through our customer care systems.

Human relationship is still the cornerstone of our processes. Our corporate policy ensures staff is always available to answer your phone calls or e-mails, no auto-responder or long waiting times.

P. IVA 03554810121

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