The company

NEARCO LTW was established in 2016 based on the experience of its two founding partners in the Supply Chain of non-ferrous metals.

During their experience as managers in operating sectors for various companies, they noticed an increasing difficulty of the industry and businesses in identifying reliable and flexible partners, ready to innovate their logistic systems and offer companies an accurate and timely know-how with an organizational structure tailored to customer needs.

NEARCO LTW aims to “unite” the single links of the supply chain, by promoting collaboration and coordinating production companies with the commercial and distribution companies, supporting companies throughout the logistic process, from incoming to delivery, and connecting large companies to small contractors to reach the end customer.

NEARCO LTW is a start-up but boasts experienced staff in operating processes, developing its business processes by implementing Lean Manufacturing waste reduction systems and ensuring each operation is effectively performed.

Concurrently, it supports companies to guarantee them maximum competitiveness in a more demanding market, particularly in logistics. Thus the company was named NEARCO with reference to the leader who joined Alessandro Magno in most of his battles, representing reliability and competence.

Green Sensibility

NEARCO LTW is aware energy and the environmental impact of operations is highly relevant, in particular as regards transportation, which is why the company has decided to renew its vehicles within 3 years, to guarantee vehicles in compliance with the most recent anti-pollution regulations.

The fleet is also used for intermodal rubber/iron transport to minimize CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. NEARCO LTW constantly trains staff and monitors their productivity through remote fleet control to ensure maximum efficiency and safety on the road.

  • Renovated modes of transport
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Fleet monitoring

P. IVA 03554810121

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